Terms and Conditions

1. Payment All prices quoted on the FirstChemist website are quoted in $NZD (New Zealand Dollars).
'List Price' refers to the Recommended Retail Price of a product
'GST' means refers to NZ Goods and Services Tax and is applicable only to New Zealand residents.
Payment can only be made via credit card. When paying via credit card, you will be charged at the applicable exchange rate by your credit card company, regardless of which country you are buying from.

2. Refunds
Any non-electronic media (ie products which are purchased in a physical form) may be returned to FirstChemist within 7 (seven) days of purchase.
Postage for returned items cannot be refunded.
All costs incurred as a result of returned items are the responsibility of the sender.
Any further questions can be directed to FirstChemist via the contact us page.