Good health shows in shiny hair, strong nails and clear skin. The opposite is also true….

When we are shopping or doing business with people, our hands are always on display. Our face and hair are our personal trademarks and a big part of first impressions. Others around us notice our hair, skin & nails and if they are in exceptionally good or terribly bad condition they do get noticed. Good health shows in shiny hair, strong nails and clear skin. The opposite is also true…. Ill health can show in dull weak hair, brittle nails, which split and break easily and dull pasty skin.

Equisetum(Horsetail Reed) has often been referred to as "the beauty herb" because of its high silica content. Silica is a mineral, which is vital to the formation of collagen, the substance that holds cells together. A deficiency in silica may lead to dull lifeless hair, brittle nails, loose sagging skin and premature wrinkles.
The problem for manufacturers has been to make silica in a form, which is readily absorbable by the body. The horsetail reed (Equisetum) is the only form of silica that is easily digestible for humans and can be purchased by the brand name Kervrans Silica.
Equisetum can give spectacular results if you feel you need to improve your hair or nail quality. I have had customers who began taking Kervrans Silica for their damaged nails but find that their hair grows much thicker and faster necessitating more frequent haircuts!! We have had excellent results in people after chemotherapy also, the hair grows back thick and lustrous. But the major benefit of Kervrans Silica is that it helps grow long strong nails.

Other important nutrients contribute to good health of nails and hair:

Nail changes are often a result of nutritional deficiencies or specific ill- health conditions.
Some common changes include:

- dryness and brittleness due to lack of Vitamin A
- fragility with ridges caused by Vitamin B deficiency
- excessive dryness, very rounded and curved nail ends, and darkened nails due to inadequate intake of Vitamin B12
- hangnails caused by lack of Vitamin C, protein and folic acid
- white bands are also an indication of protein deficiency
- splitting nails due to lack of hydrochloric acid
- "spoon" nails and/or vertical ridges may indicate iron deficiency
- White spots on nails is a telltale sign of Zinc deficiency

Physical care of the nails includes not soaking them in water for too long or exposing hands to harsh detergents or chemicals. This can result in split nails. Prolonged illness, stress, nicotine, allergies or diabetes can cause discoloured nails. Naturally, you need to treat the underlying illness before you could expect silica to improve the look and strength of the nails.

Women who wear nail polish can protect and strengthen nails by using a nail hardener in conjunction with Kervrans Silica. Hand creams and nail hardeners serve some cosmetic purpose of the surface and a beauty herb may offer valuable assistance from within the body, resulting in stronger nails and providing shine and luster to hair.
Natural Nutrition Hair Skin & Nails Formula is a useful formula which contains amino acids (protein building blocks), horsetail, vitamin A, zinc, iron, folic acid and other vitamins helpful for promoting the growth of healthy tissues.


Stress, sun damage, pollution, poor diet and air conditioning are constantly damaging our skin. People judge our health by the look of our skin, and well being is reflected in the glow and freshness of our faces. It makes sense to nourish the skin from the inside out. The Hair Skin & Nails Formula will be useful to provide nutrients for proper skin growth.

Imedeen is another completely natural supplement, which is also a specialised skin food. Its unique marine extracts, Vitamin C & Zinc make a big difference to skin tissue. Imedeen helps your skin look younger, you have less fine wrinkles and the texture of your skin will be dramatically improved. Because Imedeen works from the inside out, you need to use it for at least three months before noticing results. This is how long it takes the skin to regenerate and the new skin cells to appear. The longer you use Imedeen the better it gets.
Another good skin nutrient is Sulphur which helps keep the skin smooth and youthful. It is found in garlic, onions, eggs and asparagus.
Drinking more water is good for the skin, especially cuts and cracks around the nails.


Healthy people radiate a special kind of beauty. Their well being is often reflected in shiny hair, clear skin and strong healthy nails. This fresh, natural beauty comes from within. Both men and women shine with natural, healthy radiance when their bodies receive a plentiful supply of beauty nutrients. As long as there are no underlying medical conditions, bad skin and nails can be revitalised by using specific natural extracts like Kervrans Silica(nails) and Imedeen (skin).