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Staff at our pharmacy write a regular health column in the local newspaper. Copies of these informative articles are included below, should you require any additional information on any products featured on the site please contact us.

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Diabetes and too much Sugar
20/07/99 Do you have a sweet tooth? Love chocolate? Or do you have diabetes?

07/07/99 Constipation describes a condition where it is difficult to pass bowel motions.

New Charges May Send Your Blood Pressure Sky High:
01/07/99 New government charges on some blood pressure medicines from 1 August may make your blood boil.

Drug Treatment and Supplements
01/07/99 When we use drug treatment we usually have an even higher demand for essential nutrients.

Herbs For Beauty
01/07/99 Good health shows in shiny hair, strong nails and clear skin. The opposite is also true….

Herbs for "The Change"
01/07/99 Menopause occurs in women around 50 years of age.

Medical Food For Ulcers - Manuka Honey
01/07/99 Honey has been used for thousands of years. Many of its uses may be old wives tales but clinical trials are underway to prove in scientific terms that honey does work to heal wounds faster and to kill bacteria.

Osteoporosis-The Silent Epidemic
01/07/99 For the last 20 years, osteoporosis, the degeneration of bones which occurs predominately in women as they age, has been getting progressively more common.

PMS Affects men too…
01/07/99 Pre-menstrual syndrome has been recognised and documented by men in folklore since time began, but what do men really know about it?

Prostate Problems
20/07/99 By the time middle age is reached about half of all men have Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Bph).

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